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How to Find Lonely Wives Online

How to Find Lonely Wives Online

You might be thinking that this blog post is all about illegal advice. Pimping, after all, in most jurisdictions, is quite illegal. By pimping, in this context, I’m talking about something else. I’m not talking about arranging sex with women you control. I’m not talking about that. That’s traditional pimping.

 How to Find Lonely Wives Online - Hot Babes

By pimping, I’m talking about maximizing the likelihood that local milfs in your area would want to fuck you. In other words, you work with their emotions and emotional states so you can get what you want while delivering to them what they’re looking for.

You have to remember that when it comes to any kind of pimping, the best way to go forward is to achieve a win-win situation. Unfortunately, that’s very hard to achieve in the traditional sense. If you’re trying to pimp women like a street pimp, the distribution of power and benefits are all too predictable. The chicks lose and you win. That’s traditional pimping.

Thankfully, when it comes to a lonely wife hookup, there is such a thing as a win-win situation. If you are serious about figuring out how to pimp lonely housewives, let me spell it out for you. Let me just flush away any of the ambiguity. You just need to focus on one thing. You just need to get her to orgasm at least 5 times.

We’re not just talking about her feeling some sort of sensation where her toes curl and her eyeballs flip over. That’s bullshit. That’s college shit. That’s little league bullshit. We’re talking about making her holler and grunt like some sort of stuck pig in a low base voice and she doesn’t give a damn who hears her because she’s having the time of her life. That’s the kind of orgasm that you should be shooting for.

My friend, when it comes to trying to pimp local milfs or any other type of women, you should always step up to the plate and swing for the fences. Otherwise, it’s not even worth doing.


How to Find Lonely Wives Online - Hot Babes

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