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Erotic Pleasure

Erotic Pleasure

Naomi : Pure Pleasure

Slim, elegant, sweet – these are all definitions for this beauty.

Hot babe!

Naomi is a 22 year old beauty from Ukraine. She is a petite little diva with tiny tits, a flat belly and beautiful slender feet. Naomi was studying to be a trapeze artist when a friend got her a job waiting tables at a gentlemen’s club. Requests soon started coming in to see Naomi on stage, so she gave it a try one night and the rest is history. Naomi has always been athletic and active and she tells us being petite allowed her to excel at trapeze. She also likes that her size allows her lovers to move her around in bed! Naomi still loves “to fly” as she calls her trapeze skills and she would love one day to have her own burlesque trapeze road show.

Erotic Pleasure - Brunette iStripper Naomi

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