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Nurse for you!

Nurse for you!

Ashley Lane : Shock Treatment

This blonde will cure you of any disease. Right here and now!

There is a saying, “keep Portland weird” and Ashley Lane does her best to support it. Ashley is a cute 24 year old blonde out of Portland and she is a total original. She is fun, flirty, energetic and unique. Quick to laugh, Ashley is always ready to have a good time. She is a total role-play enthusiast and she keeps a journal of all the scenarios she wants to act out with her lovers. As a bisexual, Ashley loves men and women equally and she tells us she gets the best of both worlds. Be sure to keep your eyes on Ashley Lane. You never know where she will take you but you are guaranteed to enjoy the ride!

Nurse for you! - Ashley Lane Blonde iStripper


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Nurse for you! - Ashley Lane Blonde iStripper

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